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Hotel Maga Circe

F.A.Q. Hotel Maga Circe San Felice Circeo

23. Is breakfast a buffet breakfast?
Yes, it is. Moreover, we respect the seasonal nature of the products, so if you visit us during different periods of the year, you will notice some differences in the products.

24. Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
Yes, there is our restaurant called La Veranda and it is open for lunch and dinner both for the hotel guests and the external guests. Lunch time is 12.45 pm – 2 pm and dinner time is 7.45 pm – 9 pm. In summer the restaurant closes at 9.30 pm.

25. I noticed there are some abbreviations in my reservation, I don’t understand their meaning, what do they stand for?
The abbreviation B&B, HB and FB indicate your choice as far as the breakfast and restaurant services are concerned. B&B (or simply BB) means that breakfast is included in the room rate, HB means that breakfast and one meal (dinner or lunch, unless otherwise specified) are included in the room rate and FB means that breakfast and two meals a day are included in the room rate.

26. Are water, coffee and wine included in the HB and FB offers?
Unless otherwise specified, drinks are not included in the room rate.

27. Is it possible to have breakfast in the room?
Yes, it is possible and there will be an additional 5.00 euros charge for that service.

28. Is it possible to have dinner in the room?
Yes, it is. At the reception desk you will be informed about the meals you can have in your room. The additional charge for that service is 30% of the cost of the meal you ordered.

29. Is there air conditioning in the room? And heating?
Air conditioning and heating are centralized and they are provided with a temperature and intensity regulator for each room. The centralized system is switched off only during housekeeping hours. For those who do not like air conditioning it is possible to ask for fans. Moreover, it is possible to ask for convectors even during spring time, in case you have particular needs.

30. I made a reservation for a room and breakfast but I want to have dinner. How much does that cost me?
Often a complete menu is available at the cost of € 30 euro per person, drinks not included. It is however always possible to eat à la carte choosing, for instance, only an appetizer and a good pasta meal.

31. Is it possible to buy magazines or medicines?
The reception personnel can take care about that. As far as medicines are concerned though, only those that do not require a medical prescription can be bought by our personnel.

32. Is there a bar in the hotel?
Yes, there is a bar, one inside the hotel and one by the swimming pool that is open in summer.

33. Do you have organized facilities for bathing on the beach?
Our building is at the foot of the Circeo promontory and it is provided with a small beach that is usually used only by children. But we do have a big seawater swimming pool, open from 9.00 am till 06.00 pm.

34. Are there any rules concerning the swimming pool?
Our seawater swimming pool follows the same rules as any other pool: running, diving, making a din and disturbing the guests is not allowed. Guests must shower before entering the pool, walk in the areas close to the pool and wear flip-flops while showering. As in any other similar structure, playing with balls among the sunbeds, playing maxi rackets or listening to loud music is not allowed. At least you can enjoy total relax. Such rules may be too strict for children of course, as well as for parents who want to freely play with their children, and that is why they can use our small beach.

35. How much does it cost to enter the swimming pool?
The cost for the use of the swimming pool, sunbeds, deckchairs, towels is included in the room rate, so an additional cost can be charged only for external guests. The cost per person for the swimming pool is € 20 for children over 6 years of age and € 30 for adults, including the use of shower, changing rooms, sunbeds and deckchairs. The reception personnel must be previously informed about the presence of possible external guests, so that they can verify that that service is available. In the event that the reception personnel is not previously informed, the additional cost will be charged anyway to the client who invited external guests, upon lifeguards’ communication. In the event that the external guests stay for the lunch at the restaurant (meal from the day menu + swimming pool service € 50 for the adults and € 35 for children over 6 years of age) there will be a reduction in the cost. You are kindly requested not to take offence at the fact that exceptions to the afore mentioned rules are not accepted: we do that in order to guarantee all our guests the Relax and service standards.

36. How far is the swimming pool from the hotel? And the sea?
The swimming pool can be reached directly from the rooms using the lift. The sea is 10 steps below, less than 5 meters!

37. Am I allowed to drink and eat by the pool?
You can drink by the pool only if you use disposable paper cups and plastic bottles. As far as all the other drinks and food are concerned, we ask you to reach the bar and eat there snacks or drinks from glass bottles and glasses. We also ask you not to bring glass bottles, plates or glasses to your sunbed.

38. I like sun bathing on the beach and beach umbrellas, what do I do?
100 meters away from our hotel, there are organized beach facilities. It is also possible to reach the coastal dunes of the town of Sabaudia, 5 km away.

39. I’m leaving today, but the sun is shining and I’d love to stay in the pool. Is that possible? How much does that cost me?
That will be free of charge, but it is possible that your room is already occupied by the new guests, so you might be asked to leave the sunbed you used during your stay.

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