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Hotel Maga Circe

F.A.Q. Hotel Maga Circe San Felice Circeo

40. Is there internet connection in the hotel?
Guests can connect to the internet with their PC. The key code lasts 24 hours and it costs 5 euros.

41. Do you have any maps and information concerning the Circeo National Park area?
You will find some information in your room and you can ask for maps at the reception desk.

42. Why can’t my son play billiards with me?
Because billiards is forbidden to minors, it is considered game of chance according to the International rules (I.G.S.) and, as a public structure, we are obliged to comply with such rules.

43. I found a pre-authorization on my credit card account? What is it?
The pre-authorization is a system of verification used by hotels all over the World to check validity of credit cards provided by the guests.
Literally pre-authorisation is describing a practice where money is not taken from the payee’s account at the moment the transaction is made. The amount pre-authorised is instead made unavailable on that customers’ account – this is also known as authorisation hold.
Do not be surprised if two/three weeks before your arrival to the hotel, the available credit of your card will be reduced by an amount equal or approximate to the cost of the first night you have booked with us. This practice does not generate a charge and no funds are debited on the account.
A pre-authorisation gives to hotels the chance to confirm if a reservation is valid or not and to block the amount needed to cover the cancellation policy fee.
The number of credit card requested to guarantee the reservation is needed exactly for this reason.
In case of no show or late cancellation the hotel is entitled to use the hold made on the card as payment following the condition of the cancellation policy. For more information read cancellation policies.
Pre-authorisation is normally valid for 1- 5 days on debit cards, while credit card pre-authorisation periods can be longer and vary between issuers; the credit should return available on your card after 21 days.

44. Is it possible to find you on social networks?
Sure it is! We are both on Facebook and Tripadvisor, as well as on all main social networks. In addition, on Facebook you can make a reservation at a special price only by clicking on “Mi piace”/”I like it”.

45. I didn’t like the vacation, who can I talk to about that?
At the date of arrival, you were given a paper concerning customer care. Fill it and leave it at the reception desk: if you want to, you will be contacted as soon as possible by our Person in Charge of Quality, who will be glad to help you during your stay as well.

46. I really loved the vacation, how can I let you know that?
You can let us know that filling the customer care questionnaire you were given on your arrival. If you loose it, you can ask a new one at the reception.

47. Don’t you think that those FAQ are too many?
True, but since 1935 we have been gathering our guests’ remarks and requests! If you have any suggestions, please write to cc@hotelmagacirce.it . We will appreciate!

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