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Hotel Maga Circe

F.A.Q. Hotel Maga Circe San Felice Circeo

11. Are there any family rooms?
Yes, there are two types of family rooms:
- superior with balcony and view over the sea, consisting of two communicating rooms (a double room and a twin bed room) with central bathroom. A baby bed or a bed for a fifth person can be provided for those rooms.
- backside: two communicating rooms with French bed, each one with its bathroom and no view over the sea. No additional beds or baby beds can be provided for those rooms.
A third bed or a baby bed can be provided for in the Deluxe Double rooms or in the Standard Double Rooms, subject to agreement with the reception personnel, with an additional cost ranging from 20 to 100 euros per day, depending on the kind of requirements you have and on the guest’s age.

12. I reserved a room for two but, at the last moment, I decided to bring my children with me. What should I do?
Immediately inform the reception about that: it is possible indeed that the room you reserved is only for two. In that case you will be given another kind of room. The reception, however, will help you find the best possible solution.

13. Is it possible to have baby food and milk warmed up for infants?
Yes, it is.

14. Are animals allowed inside the hotel?
No, they are not. Animals are not allowed neither in the rooms nor in the common areas according to an ordinance issued by the mayor in 2008 stating that animals are forbidden to enter state property (area near the sea) and areas where food and drinks are served.

15. Are there safe-deposit boxes?
Yes, such service is available in the hotel hall.

16. What time is it possible to check-in / check out?
Guests are kindly requested to check-in from 4 pm to 9 pm of the arrival date and to check-out between 8 am and 12 am of the departure day. We recommend agreeing with the reception in advance in case of any special need.

17. Can I check-in before / check-out later?
Requests to leave the rooms before or after the check-in /check-out time are accepted according to the availability. If the hotel is full, we will not be able to fulfil your request. If, on the contrary, there are vacant rooms, the cost of that service is 60 euros and the maximum allowed time will be 6 pm. It is however possible to leave your luggage in our left luggage.

18. I will arrive late at the hotel, can I check-in anyway?
Of course you can. The entrance gate may be closed but giving a buzz it will be opened immediately.

19. Is there a parking area in the hotel?
Yes, there is. It is not guarded and the parking lots are not assigned.

20. If I ask for additional pillows, blankets or towels will I be extra charged?
Each guest can have additional pillows or towels for free.

21. Why aren’t there courtesy products in the bathroom?
In our hotel some Ecolabel rules are applied on purpose, according to such rules, among other things, the use of disposable items such as the courtesy products, which produce great quantities of waste, must be limited. Both on the basin and in the shower or on the bath tub you will find soap or shower-gel dispensers. If any particular product is needed (from slippers to toothpaste, from ladies’ sanitary towels to shaving set) it will be our pleasure to leave them in your room upon your kind request.

22. Is there a minibar in the room?
Yes, there is. You will find a minibar with water, soft drinks and appetizers. The cost of each snack and drink is 2.50 euros. We remind you that the minibar is not a refrigerator, it is therefore forebidden, for sanitary reasons, to keep food or medicines in it. As far as medicines are concerned, it is recommended to agree with the reception about the medicines conservation. The employees are obliged to remove from the minibar items that are not provided by the hotel and to inform the reception about the medicines in the minibar.

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