The SUP fashion lands in the Circe sorceress

The SUP fashion lands in the Circe sorceress

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The SUP ( stand up paddling ) is a sport born in California that takes up the Polynesian tradition of pirogues: the athlete stands on what looks like a surfboard and moves using a long oar . The boards can be in resin, polyester or foam, while the choice of the paddleis very important .

Despite the apparent difficulty, the SUP is a relatively easy sport that guarantees great fun, especially if you make the most of the morning hours when the sea is calm and the air is clear.

You start on your knees and with the sea flat, but you can even get to ride the wave. The surfing technique with oar follows its own rules. The first lessons are the simplest and follow the safety rules common to those of surfing and windsurfing: life jacket and leash, a lace that can be closed at the knee or calf. When you are familiar with the paddle you can start thinking about facing the first waves. And here strikes love at first sight. Rowing and riding the ridges can give the feeling of being masters of the sea and the wind , you can drive the surf like a motorboat.

The Sup also has an added advantage: it doesn’t just need the wave , just the oars, so you can do it anywhere. The spaces widen and when the view is that of the Circeo the magic is assured.

With whom and when

A first meeting will be held at the association’s headquarters on April 21st after registration. Every Sunday in May the sports association Shaka Wind Circe ASD di Marco Castorina will be available to guests at our small beach for a demonstration lesson and to become familiar with this enchanting sport that will help you discover a whole new Circeo. The instructors will be at your disposal to arrange any lessons to be held at the headquarters of the association, about 800 meters from the Maga Circe hotel, at the Viva Beach beach club.

For more information  http://windsurfcirce.com/




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