Our traditional Easter dessert: the viscotta

Our traditional Easter dessert: the viscotta

Each municipality has its own Easter tradition: since the beginning of time the tradition has been to Circeo to cook a “poor” cake whose preparation takes hours and hours … days of patience to allow the dough to grow properly.

The viscotta, a relative of the terracinese “tortolo” , is characterized by the presence of small seeds that give it a special fragrance. It can be consumed alone, soaked in bread, or with the classic chocolate cream or jam. But the most particular characteristic is the shape of the cake: if given to children it will have the shape of a pupa or cell , depending on whether the recipient is a child or a child. For adults, however, the shape is the classic one of the loaf marked by a cross, which is traced on the dough by pronouncing a sort of sacred formula.

On 19 April, from 16 to 20, in the square of the historic center of San Felice Circeo it will be possible to purchase the viscotta in tuttel and its variants, to enjoy it on Easter morning, as usual.

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