This crazy crazy time

This crazy crazy time

It is raining? No it’s not raining.

It’s hot? No, not even that.

Indeed, today it is raining and tomorrow it is hot. Or viceversa. Maybe.

The truth is that by now we are so used to consulting the weather forecasts to become uncritical, not to realize that even the mega computers that calculate the probability of rain are wrong … and so we decide how to dress without even looking out the window because so much ‘shift app guarantees us that it will rain. Or we go out in sandals and miniskirts, only to find ourselves soaked on the way back home. And this does not only apply to tourists. Even we who are on the other side of the counter have begun to peek at the forecasts.

Already. Yet it is enough to stop and think and remember how many times the weather forecast has failed. Often, as colleagues who thought about suing the weather forecasting sites know well .

Giving up apps is not possible. But we could have fun denying them when they make a mistake.

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