World Oceans Day: the sea must live

World Oceans Day: the sea must live

The World Oceans Day was established in 1992 to spread knowledge of the sea and to raise awareness among civil society on the issue of consumption of marine resources. Many initiatives and meetings are planned all over the globe and even a worldwideunderwater photography competition has been organized .

But this year there is one more reason to follow this event: thanks to Natura Esperire   also the Circeo will be active on this front. On the days of 6 and 7 June , snorkeling meetings are scheduled , also reported on the official World Oceans Day website, which will start from the small beach of Torre Fico, about 300 meters from our hotel.

And from July this activity will become a real CLUB NATURA and will be carried out directly on our beach for all the children on holiday at Circeo who want to know what’s under the sea where they dive to cool off! Stay Tuned😉

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