The Cristo del Circeo: a story already 26 years long

The Cristo del Circeo: a story already 26 years long

Today’s news, released by the Municipality ‘s official website , shows that the bronze statue of the Circeo Cruciate has returned to the promontory But what is the history of this statue?

The statue was sunk on April 25, 1992 to represent, in the intentions expressed by both the Diocese and the Civil Authorities, the link between the Circeo and the Sanfeliciani. However, not all the Sanfeliciani understood the meaning of the statues and to illustrate the skepticism of the population there is a funny idea : while the volunteers developed the necessary operations, of San Felice Circeo seeing on the dock he port in the sculpture ready to be immersed, he said in dialect: “Poor Christ, first blaspheme him, then drown him too!”

Maurizio Mastrangelo, Sergio Romeo, Stefano Reali, Sandro Signoriello and Marco Sottoriva, with the sponsorship of the Provincial Tourist Board of Latina, the Municipality of S. Felice Circeo, of the Diocese of Latina, of the Christian Community of Circeo, of the Pro Loco Association of Circeo, of the Cooperative Mooring Company Circeo 1, of the Fisheries Cooperative of Circeo, of the Circeo Yacht Vela Club and of the Pangea Institute.

Made of bronze, the statues is six feet high and is anchored to reinforced concrete one meter high and weighing 3,500 kilos, at a depth of 18 meters, on a rocky bottom with a small sandy base at Posidonia.
The place can be identified thanks to a signal buoy (coordinates N.41 12 34 – E 13 06 35) and is forbidden to fishing and anchoring. Christ will again be put to rest next April 25, 2018, on the 26th anniversary of the first sinking.


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