Il Circeo, the cuisine and the “Salsa Totò”

Il Circeo, the cuisine and the “Salsa Totò”

The sea, the Circeo , has long been a dangerous enemy. Only with the arrival of the first famous people in the 1950s ON THESE shores Also came the request for a cuisinedifferent from the traditional one, all focused on the game and products of the earth.

The sorceress Circe was no exception.





The mutton ( Ju muntune ), characteristic foreshortening of the historical center of Circeo, in a scene of “the Turkish Neapolitan” SOURCE







When, in 1952, the hotel was chosen by Titanus to host actors and technicians involved in the filming of “Neapolitan Turkish” , Gino and his daughter Milena, at the head of the kitchen, felt a new request coming: preparing a cocktail shrimp in a pink sauce . This dish was completely unknown to Circeo.


The author of the request was the great Totò , who was certainly not the person to lose heart: in front of the waiters’ embarrassment he got up from the table and went into the kitchen and gave the directions necessary to prepare the mysterious and very personal sauce that would garnish the prawns and the cappuccia salad cut into julienne strips.

Since then, the shrimp cocktail at Maga Circe has always been prepared in the same way, as required by the taste of Principe De Curtis in art Totò.

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Totò on the terrace of the Circe Maga with some personalities from the Province of Latina including the APT councilor Lucedio Melegari (photo from the private archive of the Melegari family)

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