Mid-August in the Italian tradition

Mid-August in the Italian tradition

The festivity of the Ferragosto is a wholly Italian peculiarity and is linked to an analogous Roman tradition , dating back to 18 BC. At that time we celebrated “the rest of Augustus” ( Feriae Augusti ), as a central event of the period of rest from work in the fields.

With the upper hand of Christianity over pagan rituals, the August period is devoted to the veneration of the Madonna assumed into heaven, but it is only in the Fascist period that the indissoluble link between this holiday and holidays is rooted in the Italian popular tradition.

Initially it was a trip out of town with friends and relatives, during which a traditional menu was consumed: among these rice and pigeon to the northeast, fettuccine and chicken with peppers in the Rome area, chicken with potatoes in Puglia.

The Fascism promised to make the festival accessible to all classisociali with the creation of popular trains , which at low prices offered trips of one, two or three days at the turn of the period 13-16 August.


Rome deserted in mid-August in a scene of Il Sorpasso FONTE


With the economic boom of the 60s, the tradition of the monthly closure of the large production plants of northern Italy became an occasion for the emigrants for a long period of holidays in the countries of origin. And it is in this period that the dinner on the eve of Ferragosto is also born , mainly based on fish, often accompanied by music and fireworks, along the lines of the New Year celebrations. In the 80’s the custom of the bonfire on the beach , borrowed from traditions of Sicily , spread among the very young .


Our mid-August brings together various traditions, the first is that of the dinner with the veglione and the fireworks over the sea, the second is the popular soul linked to the Roman tradition with its tagliatelle and chicken with peppers to eat but comfortable at the table , maybe a dip in the pool (entering with a little caution , despite the water temperature over 30 degrees).

This year for the dinner on the eve of Ferragosto the menu provides


A past edition of the dinner on the eve of August

Aperitif with Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and small whims.

Anti-ix buffet with Salmon Carpaccio Rosettes, Sea and Vegetable Fritturines, Sea smoked, Bufala Mozzarella, Prosciutto e Melone, Olives Moscardini, Ciliegine e Rucola, Seafood salad, Octopus in fresh vegetable salad, Savory pies.

Table service
Swordfish ravioli with walnut, pachino and Gaeta olives
Orata Filleted in potato crust with grilled prawns and pomodo au gratin with Mediterranean herbs

Dessert Buffet

Sommelier Service Azienda Casale del Giglio 

Dinner + “Piano Man” Lorenzo Di Mauro + After dinner Bagliori sul mare € 80 A
la carte wines
After dinner at 11:00 pm “Bagliori sul mare” (fireworks on the sea) € 20 including table / lounge, cocktail and dessert

If you want to spend the eve of Ferragosto with us, we wait for you from 8.30pm

At 11.00 pm, a fireworks display from our dock and then until late in the evening lots of music with Lorenzo Di Mauro

Evening admission with dinner and after dinner “DINNER & MUSIC + BAGLIORI SUL MARE” € 80.00
After dinner with table, drink and a dessert service “BAGLIORI SUL MARE” € 20.00

Reservations are required


The swimming pool of the Maga Circe Hotel in San Felice Circeo (Latina)

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