The tradition of Lucia, the Saint who brings gifts to good children

The tradition of Lucia, the Saint who brings gifts to good children

The tradition of gifts was born in the wake of those of St. Nicholas, Befana and the Infant Jesus and was consolidated in the 30s. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the settlers who abandoned their land in those years kept it live to date.

Originally the waiting for the gifts was preceded by small processions of young people who walked the streets ringing a mass bell, calling the little ones to their duty to go straight to bed, to prevent the saint to see them and blind them by throwing ashes into their eyes . Before going to sleep, the children prepared food to thank the Saint, usually of oranges, biscuits, coffee, half a glass of red wine and hay for the donkey who

Saint Lucia

A modern image of Saint Lucia

he carried the gifts.

On the morning of December 13, when they woke up, the children found the oranges and cookies consumed next to candies and chocolate coins and some gifts left by the Santa, if they had been particularly good.

In our family history, Saint Lucia’s day was the one in which the first panettone was bought, which was brought as a gift to the little girl from the house, Lucia, born in 1933. However, the date is also linked to the sad memory of death, due to stroke, by his father Gino Superti, which took place in 1952.

Nevertheless, tradition is still kept alive at home, where a table is set to accommodate Santa Lucia in the hope that, like every year, you will leave sweets, sweets, woolen socks and some small gifts.

The date of December 13 also marked the beginning of preparations for the Christmas holidays: for this reason, starting tomorrow and until Christmas we will update the blog to talk about traditional dishes from Cremona that you can still enjoy, by reservation, at our Restaurant.

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