The “Lupa” at the Circeo

The “Lupa” at the Circeo

A truly unusual phenomenon has welcomed the most morning guests of our hotel today: a thick fog enveloped everything, making not only Terracina disappear on the horizon , but also the top of the promontory and the beaches that are only a few dozen meters away.

il fenomeno della LUPA

But what caused this fairytale atmosphere?

In reality it is a rather common phenomenon in more southern areas of ours, especially in Sicily: this strange and very dense fog is formed when the humid and hot air coming from the tropical areas passes by advection over the sea, which is still fresh. These fogs suddenly invade the coastal areas and the nearby hinterland, generally during the hottest hours of the day, thanks to the activation of breezes that push the misty mass towards the mainland. The high concentration of iodine and sodium in this mist is extremely harmful for large leafed plants and animals.

In Sicily, where the phenomenon is well known and quite frequently the one that appears in the early hours of dawn and is historically called “Lupa”.

Suddenly as it had appeared, shortly after dawn the she-wolf disappeared, leaving in its place a magnificent sunny day. Who knows when we’ll see her again!

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