Five tips for living well at (almost) 40 degrees

Five tips for living well at (almost) 40 degrees

Although we are still far from the 45 degrees recorded in Boville Ernica in 2007 , there is no doubt that in these days our life has not been easy nor pleasant.

Sudden changes in temperature (and mood), humidity and hot wind have been, and probably will be, our faithful companions in this part of the almost African summer, but we want to give you some advice to put up with more lightness these days and we found some little tricks that could help us.

1) Take a shower with warm or at least lukewarm water.
The desire for refreshment could lead us to choose the wrong temperature for our daily shower: in reality, if the temperature is too low, the only result that will be obtained will be to stimulate sweating and find yourself wet again and with the unpleasant sensation of ” sticky skin “on the skin. If you can, therefore, and especially if you are at sea or if you do not want to turn on the air conditioning in the house, use water whose temperature does not fall below that of the room you are in. If instead you will be so brave as to take a hot shower , you will be amazed by the pleasant sensation of freshness that you will experience once you exit the shower.

If you are at sea, do not run in the sun to dry yourself, stay a few moments in the shade and let the body imagine this pleasant sensation: you will miss it once you resume your tan session!

2) Dressed in natural fabrics
Yes, it’s true. They rub. They get dirty easily. They show unsightly halos. Yet clothes made of natural fabric , perhaps large, are an excellent ally in case of high temperatures.






3) Eat lots of fruit
In the presence of high temperatures, our body needs mainly sugars and liquids.

Making breakfast and maybe a meal exclusively from fruit , or even limit the consumption of proteins of animal origin to the classic prosciutto and melon can be a good gimmick.

If, on the other hand, you are a person who never stops and loves to take long walks on the shoreline or even play racketball in the midday sun, don’t forget to supplement your potassium needs . A banana , possibly well-ripened , is excellent for this purpose.

4) Drinking, drinking, drinking
The average requirement on normal days is about 2 liters of water: how to think about not respecting this advice when you touch 40 degrees?

But even with water you have to be careful .

Try to drink in small sips and above all make sure that the liquids are at room temperature or slightly cooler.

What is often not known is that congestion can affect even if you only take excessively cold liquids and not at sea after eating. Therefore, be careful with granitas and ice-cold beers , if you are recovering from a lavish meal or a long sunbathing session.

5) A dive where the water is bluer …
Diving in a crystalline sea is certainly the remedy par excellence. But if you don’t want to face hours of car and then of plane to reach pristine stretches of sea, where to enjoy the wonder of nature together with a lucky few like you, you can choose to reach the small paradises of the Italian coast, which are often found in a few hours even from the big cities.

Lerici in Liguria, Castiglioncello in Tuscany, Sirollo in the Marche, Camerota in Campania and, in Lazio, the Riviera di Ulisse , from the dunes of Sabaudia passing by the Circeo and up to Sperlonga and further south to Gaeta, they offer fairytale glimpses where to take refuge and relax.

The sea view pool of the Hotel Ristorante Maga Circe in San Felice Circeo.

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