Surf’s Up – Hotel Maga Circe, San Felice Circeo


Surf’s Up – Hotel Maga Circe, San Felice Circeo

As the nights draw in and the summer sun begins to fade, the draw of the sea and beach may become less fervent.

This is not the case however, if you are passionate about all the sports the sea and waves have to offer, and in fact, the reduction in hordes of holidaymakers becomes a draw in itself. Once all the tourists have gone home, winter approaches on the heels of low pressure weather systems, which have crossed the Iberian Peninsula from the Atlantic or were created in the western Med. Tuned-in surfers then track the storm, hoping for strong onshore winds to blow hard and long enough to bring swell to the Italian coastline. The Lazio coast receives these swells from a full 180º window, anytime from autumn through winter to spring, with the closest spots sitting a mere 30 minutes from Rome. The waves can reach an impressive two metres high.

Imagine a combination of adrenaline-filled surf days, with a backdrop of comfort and style and delectable food…look no further than San Felice Circeo.

The meeting place for surfers at Circeo is the Carrubo beach, 50 meters from the Maga Circe Hotel. As it is located south of the Circeo promontory, it is protected from northern and westerly winds.

In summer windsurfers instead frequent the same beach because even on the quietest days a thermal wind is generated, which comes roughly from the north. Bouncing off the Circeo promontory, it gets a little more intense (on average 12-13 knots) than on the rest of the nearby more southerly part of the coast. On the shore (and, therefore, near the promontory), it is more gusty. Offshore, beyond the mouth of the port, or a little further south of the beach from where it comes out (about 100 meters from the promontory), it stretches out and becomes very enjoyable, because it allows glides with few corrections.

Whatever sport you are interested in, be it surfing, windsurfing, Stand up Paddleboarding or Kitesurfing, the Lazio Coastline is the place to do it.

Where better to dry yourself off after a long day in the water, battling with the elements, than the comfort and luxury of Hotel Maga Circe? – the ultimate destination in terms of proximity to the sea, coupled with comfort and fine traditional Italian food and wine to savour at the end of your day…

How to get there:

The spot can be reached by taking the San Felice Circeo seafront road, towards the port, stopping at the “La Conchiglia” restaurant , or at the “Spiaggia del Carrubo” sign. it is very difficult to park here, so offload your kit and take it to the beach and then head to the port and harbour area to find a parking spot.

Where to stay:

Hotel Maga Circe in San Felice Circeo

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