We’re back and with exciting new developments!

We’re back and with exciting new developments!

Countdown to 1st April…
After a long break, we are finally back in the “yellow zone” and we can return to host you again.
We have had time to do some light maintenance work, but we are about to undertake more important safety works and therefore until April 1st we will only be open at weekends.

What we have already done: in addition to the usual light maintenance work and the replacement of some of the furniture, is a complete overhaul of the the ageing corridor floors leading to the bedrooms.

Wifi Upgrade
Another major development is our substantial upgrade of our wifi signal, benefitting not only the interior of the hotel, but also the swimming pool area which previously had a very poor signal. The new enhanced wifi will not only enable our guests to watch videos and surf the net, but also opens the Maga up to being a great location as a work hub away from the office!

Safety Upgrade
You can also rest easy knowing we have significantly upgraded our safety regulations, installing new fire detectors, fire doors as well as state-of-the-art machinery for the kitchen, maximising the efficiency and speed of service for our guests in the restaurant.

Finally, our proudest achievement is a project we are currently working on which will delight and surprise even our most loyal guests. These new innovations will remain a secret for now, but we intend to reveal the exciting news as soon as we receive full approval.

And as always, your health is of the utmost importance during these times. We are happy to have ended 2020 without a hitch and are confident that with your help and tolerance with the ongoing small restrictions we all face, we will be able to have a wonderful 2021.

See you soon!

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