On your marks…Get set…Go!

On your marks…Get set…Go!

San Felice Circeo is to host the Spartan Race 2021. This is unprecedented for our region and gives us the added honour of becoming part of the prestigious Spartan Europe circuit of which there are only 5 confirmed events in Italy.

The world leading obstacle course will start from Piazza Lanzuisi on Saturday 20th November 2021 and will extend to cover our whole region.. The route is still top secret, but you will not find answers  by consulting the official website that promises “scratches, bruises, sweat, tales, stories and more stories to tell!!”.

During the 2 days of the 2021 Spartan Race in San Felice Circeo, there will be 3 types of races:

SPRINT: the most well-known race, 5km long and dotted with 20 obstacles. An exciting, speedy adventure on a rough path ideal for beginners as well as the most experienced Spartans.

BEAST: This is a half marathon set up to include 30 obstacles, designed to push athletes beyond their limits. In this session the Spartans will compete on the most inaccessible routes of San Felice Circeo, trying to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles of the 2021 Spartan Race

HURRICANE HEAT: This time we play as a team, whoever finishing the course in the shortest possible time winning This challenging race can last 4, 12 or 24 hours and does not have a single winner. In order to get ahead, The Spartans will have to solve physical and mental problems as a team.

Given the timing of the race, the organisation guarantees not only that all the various activities of the 2021 Spartan Race in San Felice Circeo will follow the strictest safety  guidelines, but that a voucher will be provided in event of cancellation .

For more information on the 2021 San Felice Circeo Spartan Race, for registrations and to find out more about this exciting event, please consult the official website https://www.spartanrace.it/it/race/detail/7430/overview

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