Circeo is without doubt  known as a seaside destination made for  total relaxation, but increasingly for those who choose to spend a few relaxing days by the sea there is a desire to discover more of the local environment. In response to this need; “Circeo Be Wild” was created and offers an all year round opportunity (even for beginners) to explore the winding paths of the promontory and forest, either by foot or by ultra-modern e-bikes.

One of these routes known as The “Archaeologist’s Trekking”  is a 3 hour intermediate route suitable for families with children above the age of 8, and takes you from the historic centre of San Felice Circeo to Torre Paola and passes through key archaeological sites in the area. On the Promontory you will find Roman baths, villas and cisterns which, although hidden by the vegetation, reveal the ancient history of Circeo.

In the summer, the highlight of all the experiences is exploring the Pontine islands with an excursion to the (almost) inaccessible island of Zannone where, in the 60s, Marquis Casati Stampa organized parties that often ended in orgies. After the Marquis killed his wife, her lover and then himself in August 1970,  the whole Island was  acquired as a public heritage site. Today it is home to migratory birds who have chosen the ruins of the Marquis’ villa and the nearby ancient medieval monastery as a refuge.

If you are interested in taking part in these guided excursions, the Maga Circe Hotel is a perfect starting point for your adventure!

Info: https://www.circeobewild.com 

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