October: Explore and discover our treasures on a 3-day trip

October: Explore and discover our treasures on a 3-day trip

With its days still long and warm, October is the perfect month to explore the most enchanting places located in the Pontine area.

Before becoming embroiled in the stresses of work and family, why not plan a short break away taking advantage of the Hotel Maga Circe’s recommendations to visit these enchanting places?

Our suggestions are as follows:

Exploring the Lestra Cucuzza by foot


The natural beauty of autumn can be discovered when walking through the National Park: first arrive at the car park about 15 km from our hotel to delve into the wonders of the park and reach what was the only school in our area before the Pontine reclamation. Here the children of shepherds, reed gatherers and coot and frog hunters learned the rudiments of writing and arithmetic, until compulsory school ended after only 2 years. The school has now become a small museum that tells the life of misery and hard work of the beginning of the last century.

Documentation Centre on Education and Health in the Pontine Marshes

(photo by Archivio Parco Nazionale del Circeo)


Canoeing on the Cavata river


Looking for Fairytale glimpses, unforgettable aromas and full immersion into a world at risk of disappearance due to the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes in 1930? All this can be found on a canoe (or SUP!) excursion on the Cavata river. During the Autumn months, two outings a day are scheduled – either at 10am or 3pm.


Discovering the promontory along the olive grove path


This ancient path runs along the “Quarto Freddo” of the promontory in the area where olive cultivation was first introduced in the nineteenth century. The path meanders down an old dirt road, then joins a steep road  up to the “Grotta della Sibilla”, continuing to climb until it joins the paved road of the Mezzomonte aqueduct where it re-enters the wood and into a dense forest of holm oaks along an old path punctuated by many characterful stone steps.

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