4 days in San Felice

4 days in San Felice

Don’t miss out on our Special Offer – with 4 beautiful places to visit!

With summer on the horizon and the tease of longer nights and high temperatures there has never been a better time to visit Circeo and discover the wonders of lower Lazio. As the perfect destination for a 4 day break we have noted the best four places to visit during your stay.

  • The Circeo promontory and the dunes of Sabaudia:

Exploring the area local to our hotel will immediately transport you back in time and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in our fascinating history whilst also enjoying the area’s natural beauty. Embarking on a short 1500 meter walk to the historic centre will take you past the remains of a Roman temple and the foundations of Roman walls that date back as far as 700 BC. Upon reaching the ancient town you’ll discover a square based squat tower with a view that overlooks the square. You’ll soon discover that the tower is home to a curious clock that displays six hours rather than 12.

You can continue your walk along the road that steadily climbs along the promontory or if you’d prefer you can take your pick of one of many scenic paths that weave between Holm Oaks and Cork Oaks to travel to the Crocette area. From here you can reach the historic Cyclopean walls that also date as far back as the 7th century BC. As the sun begins to set on your day of adventuring you must continue to the dunes of Sabaudia and take a walk on the sand; finishing your day with a cocktail or beer in one of the many kiosks on the beach whilst watching the sunset.

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  • The Gardens of Ninfa, the Caetani castle and the Pantanello Natural Park.

Just a few kilometers or 40 minutes from Circeo lies the Gardens of Ninfa, the Caetani castle and the Pantanello Natural Park. Visting here will allow you to experience the life of a Medieval citizen through crossing the Pontine marshes via the Regina Viarum. It’s no coincidence that this area was voted “the most beautiful garden in Europe.” The garden of Ninfa was created with the love of Ada Bootle Wilbraham, an English citizen and the wife of the heir of the Caetani family who in the 15th century collected (plant?) specimens from all over the world. Almost 200 years later the garden is still as beautiful all year round and can be visited between the months of March and November.

Just a stone’s throw away is the Pantanello park where in the last two decades the marshy environment that characterized the vast plain between Rome and Terracina has been recreated. It is here that you can find the Sermoneta Castle, home to the Caetani family. Whilst you climb through the alleys of this medieval town you can pause to taste the local delicacy, the famous sour cherry tarts. You can find them in every local bakery and bar in the village.

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  • The historic centre of Terracina:

Only 18 km away from Circeo is the historic town of Terracina, home to some of the richest Roman remains outside of the capital. The town square still retains the original Roman pavement flanked by the urban stretch of the Via Appia. Here you’ll also find a Cathedral built inside a temple and can visit the fascinating theatre. Discovered only recently, the theatre was found along with other ancient remains following bomb raids during the second world war.

When you emerge back out in the sunshine you should explore the winding alleys in this village of only 40,000 inhabitants. Here you’ll find the area busy with activity and you may stumble across the local pizzeria or the most-sought after restaurants which make the historic centre of Terracina one of the liveliest areas for summer evenings.


  • The ancient village of Fossanova:

Built on the remains of an ancient villa and dominated by the monumental Gothic abbey, today this village, only 30 km from Circeo, is almost exclusively a tourist attraction. The original inhabitants moved out of the area a few decades ago in search of more comfortable and modern homes outside the village. The village has since been recovered, restored and now houses several small businesses, a museum and several small apartments for tourists. The local bar which opens until late afternoon even in the winter, offers visitors the opportunity to shop for both local products as well as wines and oil.

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