Archeology: finally (almost) accessible the villa of Triunviro Marco Emilio Lepido

It was time! After a winding path between appeals and sentences, it seems to lack very little to the public opening of the marvelous Roman villa which is immediately outside the walls of the historic center of San Felice Circeo, which we hope will become a strong cultural attractor for our country. " Villa dei Quattro Venti ", where according to the... Continue reading

On the water in the Circeo National Park

If you want to leave behind the idea of Circeo all night life and reckless life to get in touch with the nature that surrounds the mountainous peak that enchanted Ulysses, the upcoming Easter festivities could be the right occasion to explore the Circeo “sleeping of water". Just A Pelo d'Acqua  is the name of the initiative of Pangea  that proposes to explore the coast... Continue reading

A new adventure …

Thus began the new  social  adventure of the hotel Maga Circe of San Felice Circeo…. after the website, the Facebook account, the one on Twitter and Pinterest, from today you can learn about all the news on the life of our hotel through this blog that will be updated weekly with news from the territory... Continue reading