Contributions Public notice “Cultural Heritage and Tourism” POR FESR 2014-2020 referred to in Det. n. G16395 of 11/28/2017 approved with Determination n. G15917 of 06712/2018 published on BURL n. 100 of 11/12/2018.

The idea of Vi.GE.DAL. LTD consists of the articulation by stages of the following actions
Restructuring of the HOTEL MAGA CIRCE building. – Specific objective: the architectural and plant renovations will allow an improvement of the intermediate accommodation capacity of greater usability of the spaces, a better arrangement of the spaces, a renewed style.

Interception of new tourist segments and expansion of those acquired. -Specific objective: increase of the typology of customers in the geographical (local and at the same time international) and motivational sense (food and wine, sustainability, sport and wellness and cooking school). The aim will be to broaden the sustainable vision, through the diffusion of the environmental ethical policies pursued, and to spread the brand internationally.

Energy cost reduction.- Specific objective: for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) in terms of 80% of the expenditure on diesel bills dedicated to this item and about 20% of the amount of diesel dedicated to heating the boiler in the thermal power plant;

Restructuring architecture and website functionality. – Specific objective: increase and diversification of revenues from the web as a result of reaching a conversion factor of 20% in web marketing operations related to email marketing, AdWords actions.

Spending Allowed: € 83,157.89
Grant granted: € 31,497.78

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Contributions to support ICT solutions in the production processes of SMEs in line with the strategy of smart specialization with reference to electronic commerce, cloud computing, digital manufacturing and IT security Notice “DIGITAL IMPRESA LAZIO” referred to in Det. n. G08196 of 17 June 2019 – POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020 A0322-2019 – 29099 CUP F24E20000120004 – Project Code POR A0322E0198 – COR 1796235

Description of the Digital Administration Project for VI.GE.DAL S.R.L.

VI.GE.DAL. s.r.l, which has been managing the Hotel Maga Circe in San Felice Circeo (LT) for some time, intends to propose tourist accommodation activities with new digital marketing solutions. The Digital Impresa Lazio Project consists in reviewing and reorganizing the marketing strategies adopted, through the implementation of a Strategy workshop in the hotel, customer support, 360 ° marketing planning which includes an update of the website, an SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization), and a more effective communication of your brand through Social Marketing.

Final results:

Increased bookings in April, May, June, September and October.
Increase in the number of direct bookings, passing and related commissions.
Improving communication with a website that is more suitable for the hotel by reducing negative reviews on trip advisor, etc.
Increase in repeat bookings from people who have already stayed in hotels – directly.
Increase in bookings from abroad, mainly from Northern Europe and Russia.

Admitted expenditure: € 15,000.00
Grant granted: € 7,500.00