Trekking to the Circeo: from Torre Paola to the Peak up to the Crocette, a path for experts only

Seen from the valley, the Circeo promontory seems a fairy place and, after all, welcoming. If this is true for its rocky coasts and beaches, it can not be said of its slopes, especially if Circe's peak is chosen as a destination , at over 500 meters above sea level. Source: http://www.avventurosamente.it The rise from Torre Paola is breathtaking and... Continue reading

Archeology: finally (almost) accessible the villa of Triunviro Marco Emilio Lepido

It was time! After a winding path between appeals and sentences, it seems to lack very little to the public opening of the marvelous Roman villa which is immediately outside the walls of the historic center of San Felice Circeo, which we hope will become a strong cultural attractor for our country. " Villa dei Quattro Venti ", where according to the... Continue reading